How Coaching Impacts Your Mindset, Behavior, and Results

How Coaching Impacts Your Mindset, Behavior, and Results

By Marika Nikkinen

In our everyday lives, we make multiple decisions that significantly impact our physical and mental well-being, finances and goals, professional success, relationships, and romance, to mention a few. 

When we make hasty decisions, we might end up regretting later. Coaching is an opportunity to stop, take a breather, focus on the present moment, and look deeper behind the external factors. To look for the matters that are essential for you deep, deep inside of you.

How do you feel about the decision or an event in your life? What are your beliefs telling you? Our mindset drives our behavior and the results we achieve. It is the key to any change in life.

Mindset is about how you think and feel about life. It is about self-awareness, beliefs, focus, and attitude. It drives your social, emotional, cognitive, and physical behavior. Do you take care of your body, nutrition, and sleep? When we take care of our body-mind, it is easier to focus on excelling in relationships, emotional regulation, and cognitive abilities. It all has a significant impact within but also around us. When we are well and in balance, we show example and inspire and guide others.

When we start working with our mindset, beliefs, and thoughts, we can begin making micro changes to our behavior and kaboom! The results change. You might feel more meaning in your relationship, have more work-life balance, stress levels might decrease, or you might attain your goals easier. Wouldn't you like to experience what you want?

Coaching is about health, happiness, the balance of doing and being, clarifying our goals, and reaching them. Everyone is a leader in our world, so are you.

All this inspires me as a coach. I have been working with leaders, leadership teams, individual contributors, and private clients throughout my coaching career for 8+ years and have never seen clients who don't go forward or achieve their goals. The work, we coaches, do is simply the most rewarding role I can imagine.

If you want to explore your situation in life, contact me, and we can get to know each other. Visit my profile for more information.

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